Hamburg Institute for Social Research
Mittelweg 36
20148 Hamburg

Phone: +49 40 414097-0
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Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Knöbl, Send an E-Mail

Assistant to the director: Victoria Romano
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Tel.: +49 40 414097-35

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Sabrina Broocks, Send an E-mail
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Hamburger Edition
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Journal Mittelweg 36
Managing director and editor:
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Marketing & Sales:
Anja Irmschläger, Send an E-mail
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Directions and map

Directions and map

To reach the Hamburg Institute for Social Research by public transportation, take:
- Bus 109 to the stop Böttgerstraße, or
- Bus 15 to the stop Alsterchaussee, or
- Subway line U1 to the station Hallerstraße

Public transport schedule

The Hamburg Institute for Social Research has improved its accessibility for mobility impaired visitors.


Those parts of the Institute that are open to the interested public can now be reached by wheelchair users and other visitors with mobility impairments.

Two platform lifts with a maximum capacity of 225 kg provide access to the Library and Archives on the first floor and the seminar room on the second floor.

A toilette for visitors with physical handicaps is also available. Please note that, as yet, access to toilette facilities requires that visitors leave the building and that they are accompanied by a staff member.

All doorways leading to the aforementioned rooms are at least 105cm wide.

Visitors with mobility impairments who would like to attend events in the Institute or use other facilities are asked to kindly call the Institute in advance at + 49 40 4140 97-0 so that we can ensure that staff is available to operate the lifts and so we can reserve street level parking space for you, if necessary.