29 January 1995–1 October 1996

200 Tage und 1 Jahrhundert

[200 Days and 1 Century]


Hamburger Edition: 200 Days and 1 Century
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The exhibition "200 Days and 1 Century" was part of a larger academic project entitled “In the Face of Our Century: Violence and Destructiveness in the Twentieth Century” conducted by the Hamburg Institute for Social Research. This exhibition was shown to the public from January 1995 through fall 1996.
On 14 August 1945, two hundred days after the liberation of the concentration camp in Auschwitz on 27 January 1945, World War II ended with Japan’s capitulation. In choosing to concentrate on these two hundred days, the creators of the exhibition intended to adopt a different perspective on the history of the twentieth century as a history of violence and on the attempts to find political answers to this brutality. Two hundred days that reflect the history of a century: the shocked reactions to genocide were linked to the desire to stem, if not prevent, future violence and destructiveness. But in the age of atomic weapons, there was little room for political strategies to prevent war and annihilation.The seven segments of the exhibition 200 Tage und 1 Jahrhundert linked the events of 1945 to the pre-histories and the impacts of destructiveness. The aim of this collage was to induce exhibition visitors to reflect on the twentieth century from a different perspective.

27 January 1945 – Liberation of Auschwitz: How German society organized genocide

11 February 1945 – Yalta agreements on an international tribunal to prosecute those accused of war crimes and crimes against humanity

11 March 1945 – Cambodia and Vietnam declare their independence

25 April 1945 – Founding conference of the United Nations begins

8 May 1945 – Massacre in Sétif, Algeria; state terror or the war against the civilian population

7 July 1945 – Amnesty in the Soviet Union and simultaneous deportation of repatriated Soviet POWs to gulags

6 August 1945 – Atomic bomb dropped on the Japanese city of Hiroshima

Exhibition Venues

Working Group “In the Face of Our Century” in the Hamburg Institute for Social Research
Project Directors: Dr. Bernd Greiner, Dr. Jan Philipp Reemtsma
Project Coordination: Cornelia Berens, Klaus Naumann
Working Group: Hannes Heer, Reinhard Müller, Dr. Thomas Neumann, Gaby Zipfel
Publications: Hamburger Edition: Birgit Otte
Press and Public Affairs: Dr. Regine Klose-Wolf
Research, Preparation, Organization, Production of the Exhibition: Reinhard Schulz, Berlin
Design: Willem Muijs, Nijmegen
Exhibition Placement: Studio Andreas Heller, Hamburg