16–17 October 2014

The Reintegration of Veterans in History: A Comparative Perspective


Thursday, October 16

Welcome & Introductory Note
Klaas Voß (Hamburg Institute for Social Research/HIS, Germany)

Session I: Ancient Times, Familiar Problems?
Chair: Tim B. Müller (HIS)
Gunnar Dumke (Martin Luther University, Germany)
Gabriele Wesch-Klein (University of Heidelberg, Germany)

Session II: Civil Wars and Revolutions I (Europe): New Orders and Expanding Statehood
Chair: Dierk Walter (HIS)
Geoffrey L. Hudson (Northern Ontario School of Medicine, Canada)
Alan Forrest (University of York, UK)

Session III: Civil Wars and Revolutions II (USA): New Orders and Expanding Statehood
Chair: Dierk Walter (HIS)
John P. Resch (University of New Hampshire at Manchester, USA)
James Marten (Marquette University, USA)

Session IV: Veteran Politics, Veteran Movements: World War I and the Interwar Period
Chair: Bernd Greiner (HIS)
Julia Eichenberg (Humboldt University, Germany)
Stephen R. Ortiz (SUNY Binghamtom, USA)

Friday, October 17

Session V: Between Trauma and Taboo: Allied and German Veterans of World War II
Chair: Regina Mühlhäuser (HIS)
Julie Anderson (Kent University, UK)
Karsten Wilke (Bielefeld University, Germany)

Session VI: Unpopular Wars, Unpopular Veterans? Vietnam and Afghanistan
Chair: Claudia Kemper (HIS)
Patrick Hagopian (Lancaster University, UK)
Gielt Algra (Veterans Institute, Netherlands)

Session VII: Universal Rituals of Reintegration? From Tribal Societies to Community Service
Chair: Klaas Voß (HIS)
Paul Granjo (University of Lisbon, Portugal)
Frank Usbeck (TU Dresden, Germany)

Closing Paper & Final Discussion: Why Do We Need a "Comparative History" of Reintegration?
Jaremey McMullin (University of St. Andrews, Scotland)

Convenor: Dr. Klaas Voß (Hamburg Institute for Social Research)
Venue: Hamburg Institute for Social Research