Congratulations to Our Author Zygmunt Bauman on His Ninetieth Birthday

Hamburger Edition congratulates eminent British sociologist Zygmunt Bauman on the occasion of his ninetieth birthday on 19 November 2015. Wolfgang Knöbl, director of the Hamburg Institute for Social Research, paid tribute to Bauman and his work in a essay that originally appeared in the institute's journal, »Mittelweg 36«:

»Quite a few sociologists, among them Zygmunt Bauman, were led onto paths that were at times smooth and slippery. But Bauman distinguished himself from others by finding his way very well and rarely making a false step. Even those who criticize his work have to acknowledge that he has presented, besides rather feuilletonistic texts, pioneering and profound volumes. Precisely because Bauman has always had the capacity to surprise us in a positive sense, we will continue to look forward to the books he will write in future.«

Read Wolfgang Knöbl's entire text (in German: »Zygmunt Bauman, die britische Soziologie – und Maggie Thatcher«) on the website Soziopolis.
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Robert Kindler's Book awarded Prize Geisteswissenschaften International

Robert Kindler's book »Stalins Nomaden. Herrschaft und Hunger in Kasachstan« (Stalin's Nomads:Soviet Power and the Famine in Kazakhstan) is one of two works awarded the Prize Geisteswissenschaften International this fall. The prize comes with complete translation funding to facilitate publication in English. The program, funded by the German Publishers and Booksellers Association, the German Federal Foreign Office, VG Wort, and the Fritz Thyssen Foundation, promotes the international dissemination of outstanding books from the humanities and social sciences.
The prize jury lauded Kindler for »retracing the processes in which Kazakhstan’s contemporary multiethnic society was formed and investigating historical occurrences with a potential for generating controversy that have not been addressed in Russia or Kazakhstan to date.«

Read more about Robert Kindler's book here. Further information on the program and prize is available in English and German on the website of the publisher’s association.

Award for Dierk Walter in Historical Magazine's Book Competition

In the competition »Historical Books of the Year 2015« conducted by the history magazine DAMALS, the jury has awarded Dierk Walter's book »Organisierte Gewalt in der europäischen Expansion. Gestalt und Logik des Imperialkrieges« first place in the category »historical monographs«.

Congratulations to our author!

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Two of Our Books on the Best Non-fiction List August 2015

Two books recently published by Hamburger Edition have been selected by the jury of Germany's most prestigious Best Non-fiction Books List (under the auspices of »Süddeutschen Zeitung« and Norddeutscher Rundfunk) for the top ten in August 2015:
In fifth place is Jacques de Saint Victor, »Die Antipolitischen«

Tenth place went to Matthias Fink, »Srebrenica«

Recent Translations of Books from Hamburger Edition

In late 2014, György Gábor's translation into Hungarian of Wolfgang Kraushaar, »Der Aufruhr der Ausgebildeten« was released by Napivilág Kiadó.

Just out this spring is the English language edition of Elissa Mailänder Koslov, »Gewalt im Dienstalltag. Die SS-Aufseherinnen des Konzentrations- und Vernichtungslagers Majdanek 1942-1944« in a translation prepared by Patricia Szobar for Michigan State University Press.