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Sara Berger Awarded Sybil Halpern Milton Book Prize 2015

Sara Berger (Fondazione Museo della Shoah, Rome) has been awarded the 2015 Sybil Halpern Milton Book Prize for »Experten der Vernichtung: Das T4-Reinhardt-Netzwerk in den Lagern Belzec, Sobibor und Treblinka«. The prize of the German Studies Association honors the best book published in a two-year period »dealing with Nazi Germany and the Holocaust.«

The prize committee’s laudation noted: »[Dr. Berger’s] book is a worthy successor to Henry Friedlander’s groundbreaking research where it highlights the complex imbrication of the murder of the disabled with the Shoah. […] Nearly every page is painfully evocative; where other books provide only few details she has compiled hundreds, all of which are presented with luminous eloquence and restraint.«

Read more about the prize and the laudation here.

Robert Kindler's Book awarded Prize Geisteswissenschaften International

Robert Kindler's book »Stalins Nomaden. Herrschaft und Hunger in Kasachstan« (Stalin's Nomads:Soviet Power and the Famine in Kazakhstan) is one of two works awarded the Prize Geisteswissenschaften International this fall. The prize comes with complete translation funding to facilitate publication in English. The program, funded by the German Publishers and Booksellers Association, the German Federal Foreign Office, VG Wort, and the Fritz Thyssen Foundation, promotes the international dissemination of outstanding books from the humanities and social sciences.
The prize jury lauded Kindler for »retracing the processes in which Kazakhstan’s contemporary multiethnic society was formed and investigating historical occurrences with a potential for generating controversy that have not been addressed in Russia or Kazakhstan to date.«

Read more about Robert Kindler's book here. Further information on the program and prize is available in English and German on the website of the publisher’s association.

Award for Dierk Walter in Historical Magazine's Book Competition

In the competition »Historical Books of the Year 2015« conducted by the history magazine DAMALS, the jury has awarded Dierk Walter's book »Organisierte Gewalt in der europäischen Expansion. Gestalt und Logik des Imperialkrieges« first place in the category »historical monographs«.

Congratulations to our author!

Read more about Dierk Walter's book.