Translation Award for Book on Colonial Concentration Camps

Cover »Ein trauriges Fiasko«
Porträt Jonas Kreienbaum

Jonas Kreienbaum’s book »›Ein trauriges Fiasko‹. Koloniale Konzentrationslager im südlichen Afrika 1900-1908« [»A sad fiasco«: Colonial Concentration Camps in Southern Africa, 1900–1908] has been selected by an independent jury to receive the translation funding award Geisteswissenschaften International.

The study addresses issues that have recently been the focus of controversy among historians, in particular the question of whether the colonial camps erected by the German authorities in Africa can be considered a prototype for the Nazi regime’s concentration camps. The English translation will be published by Berghahn Books.

The translation funding program Geisteswissenschaften International successfully promotes the dissemination of academic work originally published in German that warrants international attention. The program is a cooperative effort of the German Booksellers and Publishers Association, the German Foreign Ministry, Fritz Thyssen Foundation, and the collecting society VG Wort. More information on the books selected by the jury and the program can be found here.

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