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In the Shadow of World War

Alexander Korb

In the Shadow of World War: The Ustaša’s Mass Violence against Serbs, Jews, and Roma in Croatia, 1941–1945

Geisteswissenschaften International Prize, Fall 2013 – complete funding of the German-English translation
Winner of the Fraenkel Prize 2012, Wiener Library, London; the Irma Rosenberg Prize, Vienna; the Andrej Mitrovic Prize, Bonn; and the Herbert Steiner Prize 2012, Vienna

510 pages, € 28.00
March 2013
Ideology and the Rationality of Domination

Gerhard Wolf

Ideology and the Rationality of Domination: Nazi Germanization Policies in Poland

Geisteswissenschaften International Prize, complete funding of the German-English translation: How Nazi plans for a »new racial order« in Poland were transformed by the contradictory goals of institutions and actors

528 pages, € 28.00
March 2012
Washington's Mercenaries

Klaas Voß

Washington's Mercenaries: Covert US Interventions during the Cold War and Their Consequences

»A rich synthesis of micro- and macroanalysis... conceptually sophisticated and poised in its presentation, offers a structural comparison of three mercenary missions in hot spots of the Cold War.« —Bernd Greiner, Hamburg

590 pages, € 38.00
March 2014
Stalin's Nomads

Robert Kindler

Stalin's Nomads: Hegemony and Hunger in Kazakhstan

An unsettling, comprehensive account of the Soviet campaign to collectivize the Kazakh nomads, in which half a million became refugees, three times more were killed, and a nomadic culture was destroyed.

381 pages, € 28.00
March 2014
Experts of Extermination

Sara Berger

Experts of Extermination: The T4-Reinhardt Network in the Belzec, Sobibor, and Treblinka Camps

Awarded the 2012 Wilhelm Hollenberg Prize, Ruhr University Bochum: Analysis of the group of men who went from Nazi »euthanasia« to »Aktion Reinhardt«, the systematic mass murder of European Jews

622 pages, € 28.00
October 2013
After World War I

Tim B. Müller

After World War I: The Emergence of Modern Democracies

To learn why modern democracies can fail, or retain their stability and vitality in fundamental crises, one must examine the interwar period, an era in which our own political and social world was born.

174 pages, € 12.00
March 2014
Friendship and Care

Janosch Schobin

Friendship and Care: Report on a Social Form in Transition

Till death do we part? Explores the potential as well as the limits of new ideals that add the dimension of care to contemporary concepts and practices of friendship

264 pages, € 30.00
October 2013
The Blind Mirror

Klaus Naumann

The Blind Mirror: Germany and the War of Transformation in Afghanistan

Incisive critique of the German mission in Afghanistan, analysis of the underlying institutional crisis of German security policy, and an outline of steps towards ensuring that Germany can fulfill its role in international peacekeeping

204 pages, € 30.00
October 2013
The Bottle Collector

Sebastian J. Moser

The Bottle Collector: In Search of an Urban Social Figure

A pioneering, empathetic and sharp-sighted exploration of a contemporary occupation on the margins of the urban environment—and its relationship to mainstream society

270 pages, € 22.00
March 2014
The Fabulous Confessions of Comrade Alfred Kurella

Martin Schaad

The Fabulous Confessions of Comrade Alfred Kurella: A Biographical Search

Probes a disturbing question in the history of the Stalinist purges: why did many who were themselves victims carry on in the spirit of the dictator, even after his death in 1953?

182 pages, € 22.00
March 2014
Ordering Space

Ulrike Jureit

Ordering Space: Territory and Lebensraum in the Nineteenth and Twentieth Centuries

Examines the emergence and development of »Lebensraum« as a spatial concept from the nineteenth century to its adaptation to serve Nazi policies

445 pages, € 38.00
September 2012