The Archives of the Hamburg Institute for Social Research maintain a growing collection of materials relevant to the Institute’s research, publication, and exhibition activities that reflects the themes and issues of work conducted here, with a special focus on contemporary history and current affairs. The holdings are divided into three sections.


Special Collection: Protest, Resistance and Utopia in the Federal Republic of Germany

This special collection comprises documents of relevance for contemporary history that are made accessible for the in-house preparation of exhibitions, publications, and research projects as well as for use by the interested public. The aim of this work is to provide a reliable information basis for evaluating events and processes related to protest movements and thus to make their respective social context more transparent.


Collections Related to Research Projects

Staff members who work in the field of contemporary history often acquire and utilize large bodies of material (usually as reproductions) from other archives in the course of their work. Upon completion of each study, material relevant to the Nazi era, World War II, and the post-war period is transferred to the Archives.


Records from the Hamburg Institute for Social Research

The Archives also documents the activities of the Hamburg Institute for Social Research, in particular research and academic and public events, by collecting relevant documents (correspondence, contracts, administrative documents, papers from research units and projects) as well as programs, posters, and other material from conferences and workshops, information flyers, posters and so on. These collections are, in general, not accessible to outside users.