Für einen Archiv-Besuch gelten weiterhin verbindliche Abstands- und Hygieneregeln.
Dazu zählt u.a. das Tragen einer medizinischen Maske im Haus.
Außerdem werden im Hamburger Institut für Sozialforschung die Kontaktdaten aller Besucher_innen unter Angabe von Datum und Uhrzeit dokumentiert.

Bitte beachten Sie die aktuellen Hinweise und Regelungen zum Infektionsschutz.

Wegen der geltenden Abstands- und Hygieneregeln können wir derzeit nur einen Archiv-Leseplatz anbieten. Daher kann es zu Wartezeiten für Nutzungstermine kommen.
Für Reservierungen kontaktieren Sie uns bitte möglichst frühzeitig unter archiv@his-online.de.

Using the Archives

The Archives are open to the public on the basis of the conditions outlined in the use regulations. Staff members in the Archives assist in searching for archive documents, gray literature, flyers, posters, photographs, and other media.

Contact / Opening Hours

Archives of the Hamburg Institute for Social Research

Mittelweg 36, D-20148 Hamburg, Germany
Phone:  +49 40 414097-31
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Opening Hours

Due to high demand, users are obliged to reserve a workplace by contacting the Archives well in advance of an intended visit. With a reservation, you can work in the Archives Monday to Friday from 9.30 a.m. to 5 p.m.


Philipp Brendel, Madeleine Gebhardt, Dieter Schröder, Britta Stamm


Svenja Kunze

Working in the Archives

Users of the Archives can conduct some of their research at computer workstations in the Institute as well as access some material independently with the help of finding aids. Workplaces (which can be used for longer visits), self-service copying, printing, overhead scanner, and microfilm/microfiche readers are available.

For use of the overhead scanner (free of charge for materials released for self-service scanning), please bring your own USB flash drive.
For our staff-mediated photocopying/ scanning services, as well as the use of images from our holdings for publication, fees will incur.
Please refer to our fee schedule.

The Archives database offers users an online overview of all archival holdings recorded in the database. Selected holdings are also available for comprehensive searches online. Information on periodicals currently subscribed to by the Archives and Library is also provided on the web as a periodical list and via the online catalog.

Use Regulations

Visitors must fill out an application for use before accessing the collections. In most cases documents will be provided within a few minutes after requests are submitted.