Audio and Video recordings

Listen to audio recordings of lectures held in German or English at the Institute. Please click the “play” symbol to start each SoundCloud file.
You can also watch Video recordings of some of our events on Vimeo.

2 July 2018. Julia Hörath: »Asoziale« und »Berufsverbrecher« in den Konzentrationslagern 1933—1938

19 June 2018. Karl Monsma: On The Collapse And Reconstruction Of Systems Of Domination

13. Juni 2018. Ute Daniel: FAKE NEWS - ein neues Phänomen?

3 - 5 May 2018. The Dynamics of Capitalism: Inquiries to Marx on the occasion of his 200th birthday

to the lectures held at the conference and recorded by TIDE TV here

12 April 2018. Alexei Miller: Post-Liberal (or post-European?) Russia - Her problems with capitalism and her problems with democracy

10 April 2018. Donatella della Porta: Protest Policing And The Escalation Of Violence During Street Demonstations

15. Februar 2018. Joachim Zweynert: Bäuerlicher Sozialismus Oder Industrielle Moderne?

1 February 2018. Felix Wemheuer: Marx Und Chinas Große Soziale Transformation

30 November 2017. Helen Thompson: Carrying the Burden of Euro Zone Dysfunctionality: The Determined Fate of Southern Europe

29. November 2017. George Steinmetz: From Ideal Types to Ontological Realism: Reconstructing Weber’s Logic of Comparative-Historical Sociology

16 November 2017. Buchpräsentation/Diskussion: »Vergeltungsaktionen« im deutsch besetzten Europa 1939–1945

14 November 2017. Martin Baumeister: Southern Thought oder brauchen wir eine südeuropäische (Zeit-)Geschichte?

26 October 2017. Daniel Speich Chassé: Die "Dritte Welt" als Theorie-Effekt