Night of Knowledge 2017

Impressions from the Night of Knowledge 2017

Every two years, more than fifty research institutes and institutions of higher education in Hamburg open their doors in the evening for the Nacht des Wissens [Night of Knowledge] event. Young and old alike hop on their bikes or into one of many shuttle buses, eager to experience as many as possible of the nearly one thousand events going on around town. On 4 November 2017, the Hamburg Institute for Social Research (HIS) and its entire staff welcomed guests to an extensive program titled “Revolution”. Our young researchers gave short presentations on their current research and were available to answer questions. Colleagues in the Library invited guests to participate in a quiz. In corridors and the stairwell, the Archives exhibited especially interesting posters from its extensive collection of material on protest movements, acquired over several decades. Colleagues from the Hamburger Edition publishing house and the journal Mittelweg 36 offered the most recent publications at a bookstand and used books were sold at a flea market table for the price of “one pound for five euros”. The Institute’s program was enhanced by “the hinking sinking ladies”, a trio who had sailed into Hamburg from Berlin to sing colorful shanties and revolutionary songs. Many guests rounded off the evening with a glass of wine or juice. We were very pleased that visitors found our program so enjoyable, and we are looking forward to welcoming you to HIS again for the 2019 Night of Knowledge