Datenbank-Infosystem (DBIS)

The Database Information System DBIS lists approx. 14,400 databases covering all disciplines, of which around 6,150 are freely available. The databases we have licensed are registered in DBIS and can be used in the IP range of the HIS. The "top databaes" of the HIS library are listed under the navigation point "Sammlungen".

Cambridge University Press

Cambridge University Press publishes more than 400 peer-reviewed academic journals covering subjects across the humanities, social sciences and science, technology and medicine.

Chicago Manual of Style Online

The Chicago Manual of Style Online (17th edition, University of Chicago, 2017) is a style guide and provides instruction for citation in American English.

Duden Databases

[German language] Accessed through the Munzinger online archive, these databases encompass dictionaries, thesauruses, and guides to the correct usage and orthography of the German language. For a full listing of the databases in German, please view the German page parallel to this one.

FAZ and FR (FAZ Corporate)

[German language] The FAZ Corporate provides access to the latest issue of the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung and the Frankfurter Rundschau daily newspapers and to all full texts filed in the FAZ archives dating back to the 1940s and in the FR archives since 1995.

International Encyclopedia of Revolution and Protest

This encyclopedia is a comprehensive resource covering the history of protest and revolution over the past 500 years, from 1500 to the modern era of mass movements.

Munzinger online

[German language] HIS has subscriptions access to the section of the Munzinger online archive with information on people, country profiles, and chronicles.


This database comprises international information from the media and on economic and legal issues. Users can conduct full-text searches in several thousand German and international periodicals (current and retrospective).

Oxford Journals Online - Social Sciences (Allianz-Licence)

The Oxford publishing house issues 160 online periodicals in the humanities and social sciences. The license also applies to current volume.

Sage Journals Online - Social Sciences and Humanities (Allianz-Licence)

The Sage publishing house issues 520 online periodicals in the humanities and social sciences. The license also applies to current volumes.

SpringerNature (DEAL contract)

Permanent access to the current years of around 2800 Springer journals within the contract period (including Springer Medical, Palgrave, Adis and Macmillan Academic). Nature journals, magazines and technical journals are not included. All journals under the DEAL contract with Springer Nature are accessible in the EZB (Electronic Journal Library) and are also available in our catalog.

Sexual Violence in Armed Conflict

The selected bibliography on the topic of "Sexual Violence in Armed Conflicts" currently covers the publication period from 1971 onwards, with almost 2,500 titles in German and English. Most of the publications can be viewed on the premises of the HIS library.


The Statista website aggregates statistics from more than 18,000 different sources. The full-text database contains statistics on industries, businesses and current topics taken from numerous studies, current surveys, and other sources.

Süddeutsche Zeitung (SZ LibraryNet)

[German language] SZ LibraryNet provides access to the latest issue of the Süddeutsche Zeitung daily newspaper and to all full texts filed in the SZ LibraryNet dating back to the 1940s.

Wiley Online Library

The Wiley Online Library contains 1,600 online periodicals and other open access publications of the Wiley publishing house.

Other databases

You will find further databases in our Digital Library under the heading Databases Subject to License Terms