War in Croatia and Bosnia

A Bibliography 1989−1996

(Last modified 1997)

Publications dealing with the crisis and the course of the war in Croatia and Bosnia are compiled in this bibliography. The selection of references focuses on topics of relevance for social science research, such as nationalism and images of the enemy, problems of ethnic, cultural, and economic integration, human rights and international law, political and media disputes, war crimes, and issues of foreign policy. The historical background of the war in former Yugoslavia has been traced back to 1980, the year of Tito's death. Peace efforts and unresolved conflicts are the subject of more recent publications.

The bibliography lists 4,600 books and articles in German, Serbo-Croat, English and French which appeared between 1989 and the end of 1996.

Compiled and prepared by the staff of the research unit and the Institute's library, the bibliography is intended for use by researchers, journalists and others. It is available free of charge on disk in the formats Winword 6.0, WordPerfect 6.0 for Windows and ASCII and can be ordered from the library of the Hamburg Institute for Social Research. You can also download the bibliography.

(completed in 1997)