Dr. Jens Hacke


July 2008 until September 2016 Research staff member at the Hamburg Institute for Social Research

2007–present: Visiting instructor at the Institute for Political Science, University of Hamburg

2005: Completion of doctoral degree (Dr. phil.) 

2004–2008: Researcher at the Institute for Social Sciences, Humboldt University Berlin, Collaborative Research Center 640, Changing Representations of Social Order – Intercultural and Intertemporal Comparisons

2003–2008: Visiting instructor, Institute for Social Sciences, Humboldt University Berlin

2001–2004: Preparation of a doctoral thesis on “A Bourgeois Philosophy: The Liberal-conservative Foundations of the Federal Republic of Germany” (completed October 2004)

2001–2003: Researcher-instructor in the division Theory of Politics (Prof. Dr. Herfried Münkler) within the project Political Science Online (PolitikOn), funded by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research

2000: Degree thesis (Magister) on “The German Right and the Revolution: A Contribution to the History of National-socialist Ideas and the ‘Conservative Revolution’, 1930–1934”thesis supervisor Prof. Dr. Heinrich August Winkler; funded by the Thyssen Foundation as part of the project History of the Politics of History in Germany”

1994–2000: Student of history and contemporary history, politcal science, and philosophy at Humboldt University Berlin