Streit.Bar in the Nachtasyl Bar at the Thalia Theater

The Streit.Bar panel discussion series intervenes and interacts—with the urban public, with political discourse, and with conversations in society on what is new about the problems facing us now and where we should go from here.

Wolfgang Knöbl, Sighard Neckel, Miriam Rürup and Hilal Sezgin meet twice a year in the Streit.Bar to talk about books that not only reflect on our past and present but also take a stand.

The Streit.Bar is an event series organized by the Thalia Theater, the Hamburg Institute for Social Research, the Institute for the History of the German Jews, and the Chair for Social Analysis and Societal Change at the University of Hamburg.
Venue: Thalia Theater (Nachtasyl Bar), Alstertor

Next event: Fall 2018