How Sociological Theory is taught in Canada, France and Germany

Start of project: January 2015

This Project compares  the teaching of sociological theory in Canada, France and Germany since 2015 in cooperation with the University of Toronto and the French National Center for Scientific Research. We aim to explore the status of sociological theory in order to reconstruct differences in teaching concepts, teachers and discussed authors within these national contexts: How important are the “big three” (Weber, Durkheim, Marx) in each country? Is there a gender bias among sociological theory teachers? Are there genuine national narratives of sociological theory, its history and its debates?   
To answer these and other questions, on the one hand we have published an online survey to get in touch with the experience of more than 3000 theory teachers directly. On the other hand we will analyze the syllabi of theory lectures and courses. We actively seek to expand our project to other countries; preliminary findings have been published in the theory newsletter of the International Sociological Association (ISA). Please contact Lars Döpking for any further information.